Booksipper Bulletin – March Edition

Hello Booksippers!

Spring has arrived in my corner of the world!  March is just beautiful with its colorful budding trees and green growth.  It makes me want to take a book outside and read after being inside all winter.
I have done just that numerous times with my favorite novel for the month.  It will be linked in the Readable News section.

New to the blog is my Instagram account!  You can now follow me through pictures at the handle:  @booksippercandice

Here is what you might have missed in March.

A Cup of Tea SharedIs Happiness Tasted and Time Well Spent

~ In Readable News ~

The must read fiction title for the month is Dragonfly in Amber.  This is the followup to Outlander and will have you staying up past your bedtime to read one more chapter!  Here is my sum up:

I am on book three of my annual book list of nonfiction books. This month I read The Year of Yes.  What did I think?  Click to read the review:


 ~ In Sippable News ~

Many cups of tea were drank or is it drunk this month. Not enough of them were documented, maybe because they were needed for survival and not aesthetic purposes? I did share a Tea Time Treat that pairs well with your favorite tea here:


Thanks for reading and sipping along with me in March!
~Booksipper Candice


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