Book Review: The Life Giving Home

Today's book review is by an author that I have read for years.  I would consider her a mentor I have never really met. I was fortunate enough to go to one of the mom heart conferences years ago. ( I should look for a picture from there! ) Sally Clarkson's books and her blog encouraged and guided how I shaped my home, my thoughts on motherhood and even my homeschooling.

I was thrilled when I heard she was writing a new book about building the home culture with her daughter Sarah Clarkson.  I rushed out to pick up a copy and read it through in a day.

The cover art is just beautiful. Being a tea time enthusiast the image of a cuppa tea and a hearty bread spoke to my soul.


The book is written in easy to read chapter snippets that are categorized by months of the year, each with a different topic for creating a place of belonging. Sally and Sarah alternate writing the chapters and you will note a different voice in them.  I appreciated hearing Sarah's point of view; a grown child remembering the many details that her mother did to make her childhood home welcoming. 

I loved all the suggestions of how to implement new rituals, traditions and the whys. This kind of side by side help is needed by many moms who many not have an older wiser woman nearby to guide them on the road of motherhood.

The Life Giving Home is a  wonderful and encouraging read by Sally and Sarah Clarkson.  I would highly recommend it to moms of young ones and those who may not have heard of Sally Clarkson.
That being said, as a long time reader or Sally Clarkson, I felt that I had heard a lot of the stories and tips before.  I did like that the book was centered on making a home, a topic that was touched on in other books but not as in depth as this one.  I will link my favorites below. 🙂 Even still, I walked away energized to continue making a home where my family longs to be. 

Take aways:

~  "I have found that my own plans work best when I live within the limitations and strengths of my own personality and circumstances."

~ Avoid mile wide and inch deep commitments

~ all great works of life must be planned in order to make them productive, useful and flourishing.

~ Chapter 4 by Sarah really spoke to me….the main gist I took was: Nothing is neutral & to evaluate your use of time.

Of course I recommend The Life Giving Home, but these are the other books I would recommend by Sally Clarkson.

 The Mission of Motherhood: Touching Your Child's Heart for Eternity : a beautiful book about motherhood. My copy is heavily highlighted.  A great resource for moms with children 10 and under.

 Seasons of a Mother's Heart, 2nd edition: The first book by Sally Clarkson that I ever read.  This title is a valuable resource for a homeschooling mom to get the big picture of motherhood and its seasons. The book is filled with wisdom.


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