Book Review of A Thousand Years Over a Hot Stove

 A Thousand Years Over a Hot Stove is a history of American women told through food, recipes and remembrances. I had actually never flipped through the book to see the layout and writing style before bringing it home to read.  That is the only gamble when ordering with Amazon, really- sometimes there is the Click to See Inside feature which thrills me.  But, I did not do that with this title and I wish I had.

In my mind I had built up a book that read as a diary.  In which women left behind recipes and snippets of stories of how they endured the Civil War or the Great Depression with ration cards. I imagined "grocery lists" from different times. Lists of what the women going west would have considered essential to have to cook for their hungry men and children.
I wanted an easy read in a conversational tone that made history come alive.


There is a smattering of these things in this book. There are numerous photographs and historical prints. There are recipes and well researched facts.
However, I never found myself drawn into the world of these women whose stories are chronicled here. I wanted to, very much. I found myself skimming the book looking for snip-its that drew me in.

I did enjoy sections about the pioneer women and their long and difficult day on the journey westward. I wish there had been real diary entries here. I enjoyed portions about women during WWII and the Great Depression and how they helped turn the tide. There is a long quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that I loved. 
Here is the last line of it: "And I hold it equally true that in this present crisis it is going to be the women who will tip the scales and bring us safely out of it."

 A Thousand Years Over a Hot Stove is a well written book. I neither loved it nor disliked it. The book was not what I had in mind when I saw the title and added it to my annual book list.  But I would recommend it to someone doing a report on the kitchen and its role in history.

The Fringe Hours

The Fringe Hours- Making time for you.  What a great title!

I chose this book from a shelf because of its beautiful navy cover- which just happens to be one of my favorite colors.

I was also intrigued by the title.   Fringe sounds so artsy and feminine.  I learned the meaning of the title later in my reading.



1. Fringe means a decorative border of thread, cord or the like…..2. an outer edge; margin; periphery


1. 1/24th of a day
2. a short or limited period of time3. a particular or appointed time”

This book is about using and developing your “fringe hours” into something useful and beautiful to you.
The Fringe Hours can be read in snippets of free time and is full of useful information that will encourage you to carve out time for your own activities or passions.

I found the author relatable. I also respected the fact that she is a working mother who must search out fringe hours after a busy day. I enjoyed the inspiring quotes that began each chapter & jotted down many of them!

This book has me taking a closer look at my mornings and how I use my fringe hours.

The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You is a good book choice for anyone looking to make time for themselves or those wanting to bring balance in their busy days.

**** A companion book to the Fringe Hours with a similar theme is ****

This title was on my annual book list & was full of personal stories and Biblical wisdom. 

The Best Yes will encourage those who may be having difficulty saying no to requests even with  an overwhelmed life and schedule.


Me & My Book Reading Style

I am a Booksipper. 

I read and drink tea. (a lot )

But what kinds of things do I read?

I am a fiction fanatic! 
I love a good story. A story that draws you in and you can't put down.  I want very little drama and suspense -real life gives me enough of that!

But to keep my mind sharp I began a yearly nonfiction list.  And come to find out, there are all kinds of great nonfiction books too! 

I have read loads of amazing children's books to my kiddos over the years.
Homeschooling has added countless books to our piles.

I read books to learn how to do things.  I have learned so much about essential oils, cooking and homesteading.

Really, I will read just about anything! 
It's all about my mood, and the amount of time I have to settle in with a sippable beverage and my latest read.