The Teashop Girls


I can't take credit for this book find.
With the word "tea" in the title, I am not sure why it never came up on the many book searches I was do- but I am glad my daughter found this book.

The Teashop Girls is a cute story about a girl named Annie, whose grandmother owns a tea shop call the Steeping Leaf.
Someone needs to turn this fictitious tea shop into a real place! 

Annie and her best girl pals, aka the tea shop girls, ban together after an eviction notice to try to save this special place. 

I found the images of old tea advertisments adorable, the smattering of tea facts, awesome.  The clincher for me had to be the tea quotes that began each chapter! 

This story is written for girls ages 8-14.  I do not speak for everybody, but I would bump that age up to 12ish.  I can't see the boy crush element of the story appealing to an eight year old who can't imagine liking a boy. Not to mention that the "Teashop Girls" are eighth graders.


Still those opinions aside, this was a tea-rrific, light hearted story.  A worthy read for tween girls and their tea obsessed moms!