Spring Cleaning Bookshelves

Spring Cleaning is both a dreaded and anticipated ritual. A necessary evil in times past, more of a seasonal resetting for we modern folk.  I may not scrubbing kerosene and soot from my rooms but there may be a layers of dust and a few cobwebs.

http://communityfound.org/giving-back-articles/page9 Today I share how this Booksipper spring cleans Bookshelves.

Spring Cleaning copy 4

Phentermine To Buy Uk I have broken down this big task into four easy steps.  We will rinse and repeat for each bookshelf. Here we go!

http://nickybird.com/archives/the-fitting/feed/ Step 1: Good Music and Supply Gathering

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg From Canada Upbeat music can turn any task into an enjoyable one.  Well, maybe not enjoyable but at least bearable.  I love Disney soundtracks; they are cheerful, upbeat, and have catchy lyrics. What more could you ask for?  But any type of music that you enjoy is good for this step.

The music is playing, now gather up some cleaning supplies.

http://looelions.co.uk/traditional-seaside-entertainment/ You will need something to brush away the dust, paper towels/rags and a cleaner to wipe the shelves with.  Choose the best cleanser for your type of bookshelf.  A wooden bookshelf will need a different cleanser than a plastic/veneer one.
I like to make my own ahead of time with vinegar and essential oils or I use: Seventh Generation Free and Clear All Purpose Cleaner when I am short on time.


Cheap Phentermine Next Day Shipping  Step 2: Just Start

http://phparks.org/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1563223623.8454771041870117187500 Pull everything off of the book shelf and stack it all on the floor or a table, whatever is nearby.  Using your choice of cleanser, wipe off all that dusty grime.
While the shelves dry from that good scrubbing, dust off the books, picture frames, knick-knacks that are in your piles. 

Do Not Put Anything Back on the Shelf yet!

Step 3: The Sort

Before any item goes back on the shelf it is time to make it pass these questions.

~Do I Love/Really Like this book/item?
~Will I ever re-read this book?

If the answers are Yes, it is going back on the shelf. 
If the answers are hesitant or a kinda, put it in its own separate pile that is walking distance from the work in progress.
If your answer is not really or No, it goes into a sell or donate pile.  ( We will talk about these options later )

Proceed with all the items that you have for your shelf.

Good job!  This is the most difficult step of Spring Cleaning a Bookshelf!

Step 4: Reshelving & Decorating

Probably the most fun of all the steps!

Arrange and rearrange until your hearts content on your squeaky clean shelves that are cobweb free.
Stack some books vertically, held up by knick-knacks or book ends. Lay books horizontal with a photo frame on top or nearby.  Arrange by color or author. Any way you please.

Need inspiration ~ Check out my Bookcases and Reading Spaces Pinterest Board.


 You've worked hard. Pour yourself a favorite beverage to sip, put up your feet and enjoy your beautiful shelves!



The Essential Seuss Book List

Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr Seuss wrote and illustrated over 40 books in his lifetime. That total does not include the books written by other authors and  published by his company Beginner Books.  I have read a lot of Dr Seuss books- I grew up reading them, my children cut their reading teeth on a Seuss library. We have a family tradition centered around one title. 

We love our Seuss! 
This book list contains the Dr Seuss books that we pull off the shelves every 2nd of March. 

Essential Seuss List


A Dr Seuss reading list could not be complete without this classic.  Written using only 225 words and simple 3 color illustrations. This story with its simple plot of rainy day boredom and mother being out, still engages children's imagination today.


One of my favorites!  Simple one word rhymes start out the story and gradually grow into four sentence blocks. A bit more colorful than the Cat in the Hat and a good book for beginner readers to recognize word families.


The Seuss book of opposites. This is title where beginner readers start picking up speed.  Single word opposites and simple sentences all about feet. This was a favorite with my son when he was learning to read- maybe because at one point it was memorized!


The book where we start seeing the number sight words. Counting words and longer sentences add enough challenge for the growing reader.  Full of rhyming fun and made up Seuss words, this book keeps the pages turning.


The book that encourages children to try new things, even food, because they may like it! With its easy repetitive sentences and rhyming endings this title delights over and over. Plus you can fix your own Green Eggs and Ham.

I was going to stop at five, but I can't leave out-


This was one of my childhood favorites.  It is an amusing book of tricky tongue twisters.  It is still considered a beginner book, but it can be painfully long if the child does not have a good grasp of reading. This book is a good choice for an older sibling to read or for you to read aloud. The perfect title to keep Seuss fun going strong.

Which Dr Seuss books are your favorites?



Weekend Reading for the Downton FANatic

I would never consider myself a Downton Abbey fanatic. 
I am most definitely a fan of normal proportions.  I have my favorite characters and I set aside Sunday nights when the season starts. 

But knowing that this is the final season I have been a bit more curious about all things Downton Abbey.

Enter my recent book findings perfect for the Downton fan or the FANatic.


 A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey:  This book is separated into months of the year. Each month focuses on a different area of life at this large estate. Under the chapter is also a spotlight on an aspect of the filming of Downton Abbey.  The book is filled with beautiful photographs and even a recipe or two. 

A Year of DA

 Behind the Scenes at Downton Abbey Just like it says on the cover, this is the backstage pass to the set of Downton Abbey! This book is loaded with photos of the actors, props, costumes and the set.  Along side these photos are the insider how to's with a smattering of the actors thoughts. A great read for those fans who want to know how Downton Abbey is produced.


 The World of Downton Abbey This book is like revisiting the show in book form. It has a storyline quality to it.  Again, great pictures of the actors and the set. It also included bits on how the designers came up with or how they produced the look and feel of the time period.  My favorite bit of this book was the quotes by the characters.  These really gave the book a Downton-ish quality that I enjoyed.


 Last but not least is-  The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook:   This book is filled with yummy sounding recipes. A mix of traditional English  and Downtonesque recipes featuring characters names.  I have not tried any of these recipes yet, but I am mulling over the idea of a Downton dinner for the last episode.  Hmmm, or would a tea be better?


It is pointed out that this book is an Unofficial cookbook.  I wonder if an official one will come out by Masterpiece or Carnival? Hint, Hint to the powers that be….oh and add pictures!!

These books have kept me entertained and will keep me entertained as I enjoy this last season of Downton Abbey.

Have I missed any good Downton books?




Big Stone Gap

Small towns hold a kind of magic over me.  I love how quaint they are, driving on historic Main Street with no traffic lights and how the whole community seems to know each other.

Maybe that is why Big Stone Gap  by Adriana Trigiani filled me with reading pleasure.

It is exciting when you can read about a place and find it on a map.  Big Stone Gap is an actual, honest to goodness place.  
I want to visit there someday!

Not the case with Hart of Dixie- a TV show about small town doctor that I enjoyed.  The writers invented the whole thing! 
Took me a while to get over that one! 

My rant is now over & back to this title!


Big Stone Gap is the story of Ave Maria Mulligan, ( Yep, think the Christmas song ) a mid thirties woman who is known as the town spinster.  She is self sufficient and very involved in her small town life.  But she wonders has life and love passed her by.
Drama and untold secrets unfold after her ailing mother passes away that set off new discoveries about herself and all that she has known.  As if that is not enough change in a gals life, she somehow manages to get two marriage proposals! 
How does Ave Maria deal with all these happenings? 
Read for yourself in Big Stone Gap (Movie Tie-in Edition): A Novel .

This was an appealing afternoon read.  A novel that was easy and light but that still had a captivating story and a good plot.

Imagine my joy when I discover it has been made into a movie!  I missed that in theatres but I am going to watch it when it comes out on DVD for sure.
The joy kept coming on this one–Big Stone Gap is the first book in a four book series! 

Happy Reading!



Ivy and Bean Series

I check out piles and piles of books for the kids at the library and hope that one or two of them will become a “get lost in a book” kind of read.

I check out stacks more hoping to find read aloud books that will have even me saying one more chapter!

Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows, was a title I grabbed and thought it looked okay. 


Imagine my surprise as I sat down to skim a chapter but ended up reading the whole book, laughing at the antics of these characters!  This book was a delight.

I read it to the kids that night & they loved hearing all about Bean and the trick she plays on her older sister, & how a girl across the street turns into a friend, even when they think they have nothing in common.

That first Ivy & Bean (Book 1) (Bk. 1) led us to read the entire 10 book series. 

Girls ages 8-12 are sure to enjoy this dynamic duo & will love the mischief that occurs in these stories.

That being said, my son thought they were highly entertaining as a read aloud. But I doubt he would have pulled them off the shelf for himself.
So if you want a read aloud that can handle multiple ages and be fun for boys and girls- Ivy and Bean is a winner!



All things readable

Booksipper holds a special place in my heart. 

There is not much else I’d rather do than curl up with a book & a beverage to sip. 


Here at Booksipper, I will be sharing my love of all things readable.  Which means what exactly?

I will share~

~books I loved
~articles about reading
~books I didn’t make it through
~adorable bookstores and libraries
~books I never wanted to end
~books worth rereading
~artfully arranged bookshelves

So really, anything I find endearing as a bookish sort of gal!