Love the Home you Have

In our day and age of Pinterest perfect home images & HGTV decorating shows- it is easy to feel a sense of disquiet with your home.

I know I feel this at times.
That is when I know a good furniture moving session is in order! 

But what if moving all the furniture does not help?

I picked up Love the Home You Have  during a house affection rut.  It is written by Melissa Michaels whose blog I have read for years.

In this book Melissa shares openly about living in a less than ideal home and decorating challenges.  She has the experience, that's for sure, she has lived in numerous styles of homes. Contentment is a theme throughout the book that helps turn a house into a home.

Love the Home you Have is filled with tips for organization, cleaning, decorating and tools for creating your own authentic home.


I enjoyed the 31 day Love your Home challenge that is at the end of the book.  These small and doable sized tasks can help transform any house into a home.
The whimsical cover and Tiffany blue chapter titles and headings thrilled me.  The quotes that began each chapter, inspired me.

Love the Home you Have is an engaging book that gives applicable tips that will have you Love the Home You Have.