Post in which I add Homeschooling to the Blog

This is my first official post under the Homeschool category.  There have been a few books listed under it, but no posts, per se.

I am adding Homeschool posts to the blog because I am a book reading, tea sipping, wife, mother and homeschooler. The homeschooler in me needs an avenue to work through some recent ponderings. 


Lately I have been consumed with the realization that a majority of homeschooling blogs and resources are geared towards equipping the 10 and under crowd.

That age is full of exploration and daily discovery, but why does this wonder seem to end at sixth or seventh grade and plunge into the depths of dry textbooks?  ( not that there is anything wrong with textbooks )

I like to believe that middle and high school years are still viable, fun years still in need of adventure and that elemental spark of learning. I don't want the wonder of learning to go out in my tweens and teens.

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I have stumbled upon Wild and Free.
I am finding this platform encouraging for moms with lots of articles, podcasts and more. I also adore the concept that nature studies and the wonder of learning should be a part of a child's education. But this too seems geared toward the ten and under set. I have only read a few posts that pertain to middle and high school students.  Again, I am new to W&F and have not read a lot of the past bundles.

I am brainstorming and mulling over how to carry this concept over for my older kids.  Not in an attempt to recapture the glory days of elementary school -I am personally loving these maturing years as they develop into their future selves; but because I believe that education is a lifestyle, that we are Always learning.  It does not end at 3 pm on Friday, not to be bothered with until Monday morning.  How do I incorporate both thoughts, the need for book work as they get older and joyful exploration?

Join me as I hash out these new ideas that I want to nurture in my homeschool.