2016 Book List

The new year is here!  Which means that I have a new reading challenge for myself.   

As a book lover it is simple for me to find and reach for a novel at any moment.  I have a weakness for fiction.

I enjoy nonfiction books as well, but I am more apt to read these types of books if I know what I want to read about. 

Enter my annual book list.  A list chosen by me, in advance, to encourage reading in a different genre.

I choose twelve nonfiction books that look interesting or are about a topic/subject I wish to learn.  The goal is to read one a month.  Sometimes if a book list choice no longer looks readable, I will swap in a different title. 
My annual book list is not meant to heap on guilt or feel like a must-read-or-else ultimatum . It is simply a guide to ensure that I am always stretching my learning muscles while I am reading. 

Without further ado, here is my 2016 Book List!


What books will you be reading this year?