Sipping Chocolate in the Snow

It is SNOWING here on the east coast!  It will take us days to shovel our way out of this doozy of a snow storm.  Where I am from, when snow is even forecasted there is a mad rush to stockpile eggs, milk and bread. 
That is all well and good…I too have several loaves of bread sitting in the kitchen. 

But what is vitally important is reading material and hot chocolate!



Bag of books…check                                      Hot Chocolate…check


This snow day seemed like the perfect time to try out this canister of sipping chocolate that I picked up at Trader Joe's.

Here are my thoughts on Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate.

I sipped and expected it to taste like the store brand hot chocolate of childhood snow days.  It did not….but the canister did say that this mix was not quite a hot cocoa. 
It has a bitter sweet, real chocolate taste.  This is an okay thing, if you are prepared for it.  I was not.  So now you know.

I made it through the first mug with mixed opinions.  My children do not want this bitter brown drink to be served ever again.

I have come to the realization that I like my tea to be on the unsweet and bitter side, not my hot cocoa.
So for the second mug I made some adjustments that pleased my sweet needing palette.

I used sweetened almond milk and loaded on the marshmallows!


Now I am happily sipping chocolate in the snow!

What is your favorite hot chocolate?